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Research, Development, Consulting, Prototpying

Through advanced techniques our all star team works with you to understand your needs, research and plan, test and deliver data, insights and protypes. Solid foundations for major projects start here.

R&DNS is a product of Nodeside

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What we do

We work with SMB's and Enterprize customers to analyse data, design processes, implement tools and execute plans to improve, optimize and meet goals.

How we do it

Our Services

Cutting edge technology and tools from AI and ML to 3D printing and hardware prototype maximize our ability to find the perfect solutions to set you on your journey

Machine Learning
Data Analysis
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Product Prototyping

Research and discover. We create prototypes and develop techniques to prepare you for your GTM strategy

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Easy To Customize

We work with you to tailor your product based on your needs both in the near and long term

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Great Support

We are with you all the way. Our expert team works closely with you from project definition to final delivery and beyond

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Service Details

Costs and Services

Each project is unique and evaluated on a per project basis. We work WITH our customers to determine the optimal path to delivery for budgets big and small. We are here for you every step of the way. Success starts with us.

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Research & Develop

R&D and prototyping start at $50K. Our sales team is here to evaluate the right budget for you

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Hardware/Software Prototpying

Our team is able to produce both hardware and software prototypes. Costs vary depending on the scope of work and materials

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Consulting Retainers

Our expert team is available for annual consulting starting at $80K per annum.

Decades of experience, talented and dedicated researchers and developers lay the foundations for success. sales@radns.com

We're Hiring

Are you talented, driven and ready to make a huge impact. Talk to us.

Let's Get Started

A sales representative will be in contact within 48 hours


Frequently Asked Questions


How long does a project normally take?

Project duration is determined on a project by project basis. Once we have determined the scope of the project we will provide a project timeline and budget.


Do you only work with SMB's and Enterprize.

We work with companies big and small. Our sales team will do their best to find a project plan and budget that works for you


Do you accept equity instead of payment?

All our projects have a minimum starting cost. Under exceptional circumstances for unique products/businesses, we would consider waiving certain additional costs and or ongoing consulting fees.